Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Urgent Call for Help

Subject: URGENT: living donor needed for liver transplant

Dear Friends,

Our very close friend in Chicago, Joanie, has been very sick for a very long time and is now in desperate need of a liver transplant. The healthy liver for the transplant must come from a living donor. The process involves taking a small portion of the living donor's healthy liver, removing the damaged liver and replacing it with the donated healthy liver piece. Since the liver is an organ that rejuvenates itself in a short period of time, both people should have a full healthy liver within a few weeks.

We are reaching out to everyone we know to ask for help to save Joanie's life and can pay the donor $500 plus all medical expenses.

The requirements to be a donor for Joanie's liver transplant are itemized below.

The donor must be:

Age: Between 18-55

Health: Excellent

Blood Type: O (positive or negative)

Place of Surgery: Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Donor would provide a piece of their liver. Liver would begin to rejuvenate itself, it would start to do this in about 2 weeks after surgery.

Donor would be in hospital approx. 3-4 days.

Candidates need to contact Lori Clark, RN (Transplant Nurse Coordinator - Kovler Organ Transplant Center) (312) 695-0870

If you are able, (or know of anyone who is able) to help save Joanie's life by meeting the above requirements and donating a small portion of your liver, please contact Lori Clark, RN as stated above. Ms. Clark will be able to discuss the details of the procedure and answer your questions.

We all love Joanie very much are doing everything we can to find a donor in time. Please forward this to everyone you know because someone out there can be Joanie's life saver!

Thank you very much,

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