Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

You know I'm not feeling well if I blow off the blog for a day. Hopefully, I can do better today.

The Supreme Court has decided not to fast-track the health reform litigation -- and Justice Kagan voted, which means she won't recuse herself. Great news. Here's more.

Speaker Boehner says there may not be a vote on the debt ceiling if he doesn't get some of what he wants out of the deal. So get this. The GOP would topple the world's economy if they don't get what they want. Totally irresponsible.

The head of Medicaid and Medicare says GOP Paul's plan is rationing. It is becoming a uniting force for the left.

Under health reform, preventive care - including colonosocopies -- are free UNLESS yours turns into more than a routine screening. If the doctor removes a polyp, for example, all bets are off.

Med students turning away from primary care -- which will create a shortage where doctors are really needed.

States are starting to plan their exchanges, their marketplace for purchasing insurance. Here are our comments. The feds hope Connecticut plays a leading role.

Do you follow your doctor's instructions on taking your meds?

A push to develop drugs for deadly rare diseases. This will include expedited consideration of off-label uses.

Christian ministries share health care expenses. Until someone gets really sick and then they have no help and no insurance.

Gabrielle Giffords will attend the space launch on Friday.

If a blind person all of a sudden could see, would they recognize by sight what they'd only previously recognized by touch?

What do you hope to get from your doctor?

The saga of a medical mystery. Interesting.

Have a great day! Jennifer

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