Thursday, April 14, 2011

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I've already posted the full text of the President's speech, so when people lie about what he said, you can read it for yourself. So here's the news:

There is growing dissent about the compromise brokered by the President last Friday night for the rest of 2011. Tea Partiers are unhappy because the cuts weren't more, and Speaker Boehner is turning somersaults to try to keep a fragile coalition of support for the vote, which should happen some time today. The details of the deal are out, and there are surprises. The cuts are only about $365 million for this year, not the $38.5 billion that was touted. Political watchers will keep an eye on today's vote and see who defects on both sides of the aisle.

And the 2012 GOP budget that trashes Medicare and Medicaid is up against some opposition, too. The President's plan stands in stark opposition, and signals the start of what will be a long fight. The President's framework includes spending cuts, but also revenue enhancers as he digs in his heels and says he will not extend the Bush tax cuts for the rich again. Here are some of the Congressional reactions. He would make changes to Medicare and Medicaid, but would not gut them like the GOP would. There would be a stronger independent Medicare board to try to control spending, and a different payment formula for Medicaid. Some liberals think he shouldn't change Medicaid. But for the most part, the President's plan is favored by Dems. It does seem that Medicare will be at the center of this battle. Here's a good comparison of all of the deficit reduction plans. The GOP says the President's plan is too partisan -- as if the GOP plan is not?

Meanwhile House GOP voted to repeal part of health reform, the Prevention and Public Health Fund. The President says he'll veto it if it passes the Senate. The GOP says it's a "slush fund" that the Secretary of HHS can spend however she likes. Dems says it's a critical part of health reform that expands access to preventive care and creates health care sector jobs.

There are 2 million stillbirths every year, and that number could be cut in half if all pregnant women had good health care.

In good news, a study finds a drop in deadly VA hospital errors.

It's good for the baby if you exercise when pregnant.

And that's this morning's news round-up. Have a great day! Jennifer

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