Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Moaning

No, it's not Monday. It can't be. Or can it? Oh, boy. Here's the news:

The President is taking his deficit reduction plan on the road. But the next big battle is about raising the debt ceiling, without which we default on our loans, destroying not only our economy, but the world economy. Some say this would be catastrophic. What does this have to do with health care? The GOP plan to kill Medicare and Medicaid whenever they can. Of course, the GOP screamed that health reform would cut back on Medicare -- but now they want to do a lot more cutting. Treasury Secretary Geitner says the GOP has promised to vote to raise the debt ceiling without attaching a lot of poison pills. But GOP budget chief Paul Ryan says they want concessions for voting to increase the debt limits. We'll see. Here's a good point and counterpoint.

Sen Sherrod Brown opposes cuts to graduate medical education at children's hospitals.

A free dental clinic draws capacity crowd, there's such a huge need.

Handoffs in the hospital -- how patients fare a the change of shifts.

Will hypnosis give you a better chance to care for your illness?

And that's the early news. Have a great day! Jennifer

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