Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hump Day Headlines

The theory is that if we make it past Wednesday, we're home free. So hang in today and here's the news:

The GOP is facing a public angry about a budget proposal that attacks Medicare and Medicaid. Some are screening questions, and others are making a fast get-away. There are many who resist cutting programs for kids, too. Some Dems are softening, too -- Barney Frank is ready to talk tort reform and higher copays.

Meanwhile, the Treasury Department is preparing the worst case scenario, if the debt limit isn't raised.

Some states are moving to Medicaid managed care as a way to cut spending. In Connecticut, we tried managed care and it didn't work, so now we're on to primary care case management, which also has saved money in other states.

The feds are developing a checklist that will help patients remember to take their medicine.

Support groups are aimed at increasing the mortality rate among Blacks. And here's an interesting one that I don't understand -- Blacks with cancer are more likely to drain their bank account to stay alive as long as possible.

Should a drug manufacturer be able to buy your drug utilization records and use it to market to doctors? The Supreme Court will decide, but from the arguments yesterday, it looks like they're going to allow this "data mining."

Communities teaching kids how not to be fat.

And that's it today. Have a great day. Jennifer

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