Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Musings

Emily (my feline friend) and I fared pretty well through the storm. Electricity is on. No flooding. That should mean the move is on schedule -- YAY! So onward ... with the news!

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane." Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yesterday was the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech. This line is not from that speech, but it is the line from Dr. King that gives my life direction, that makes it clear to me that this fight I'm in is a civil rights struggle for people with chronic illness.

The storm did some major damage. Half of our state is without power from downed lines. The tides surged inland all along the shoreline. There's alot of damage all up and down the east coast, from North Carolina to Maine. Please stay away from downed power lines. Watch for flooding on the roads. Shelters are open in most towns and are serving hot food, coffee. Then again, if you're reading this, you probably don't need help -- but how about lending a hand where you see someone in need? Things were not entirely smooth for the disabled who should have been evacuated. And be careful cleaning up -- the risk of injury is higher after the storm.

The Basic Health Program -- one of the options under health reform -- puts health care within the reach of low income folks who make too much for Medicare but not enough to pay an insurance premium.

Anti-reform Governors have to decide whether to accept federal dollars to get their Exchanges ready, or take a chance that the feds will come in and do it themselves.

As summer comes to a close, the House GOP readies its negative agenda to eliminate regulations that protect the middle class, but that they claim hurt the (rich) people who create jobs.

I try to stay out of electoral politics, but when Texas Gov. Rick Perry says Social Security is a monstrous lie and a ponzi scheme, I think you ought to know. Mr. Perry also claims that malpractice reform has increased the number of primary care physicians in Texas, but PolitiFact says not so. Michelle Bachmann says the health law would mean the end for conservatives. Essentially, she says that if the law is allowed to take full effect, we will have socialized medicine, and no GOP-er will ever be elected again. Hmmm.

Fed Chair Ben Bernanke says we can't fix our economy without getting ahold of health care costs -- the highest in the world, without similarly good health outcomes.

Medicaid in many states is switching to managed care. Good for insurers -- or maybe not?

Does obesity qualify as child abuse? I say no -- but it does qualify as an eating disorder and should be treated as one.

Clinics in retail settings are booming. This is a great idea for minor ailments.

The story of a diagnosis - and telling a loved one.

Will the NightWave help you sleep? I got all excited -- and then I read the article.

Locally, the state Board of Education says Hartford has not done right by its disabled students and must do better. We know from our work that Hartford is not alone.

And that's it for this morning's news. Please be safe and have a great day! Jennifer

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