Friday, August 26, 2011

Finally Friday Edition

And the last Friday in my home office, assuming, of course, that we have power next Thursday when we're supposed to move and install computers. But the furniture goes in today -- WOOHOO!

But first, the news.

It's all about hurricane Irene today. Please stay safe. Have water, flashlights and batteries, nonperishable food, your prescriptions, cash all at the ready.

Why is the cost of health care so high? Doctors in the United States spent $80,000 EACH per year fighting with insurance companies, trying to get paid. This is HUGE. I understand that insurers need to make sure they are paying for medically necessary care, but this is extraordinary and it has to stop. There has to be a better way.

Former Republican Senator Bill Frist says the health reform law is here to stay. He believes the individual mandate is unconstitutional, but that the rest of the law will endure.

Meanwhile, where to the GOP candidates stand on health care? Here's a summary of each of their positions.

And elderly couple decided to stop eating and drinking and die when they were ready, and the assisted living facility they were in tried to evict them. Wow.

The National Academy of Sciences has reviewed vaccine safety and concluded that they are safe, and that they do not cause autism. The autism study was conducted by the Institute of Medicine.

And that's it. A slow news day. Have a great day! Jennifer

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