Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hump Day Headlines

Well, tomorrow's moving day. Don't know whether you'll get a full news report for the next couple of days, so let's make today a good one. Here goes:

A GOP tax expert has been chosen as chief of staff to the super-committee, someone known to broker deals who's been around Capitol Hill longer than most elected officials. With any luck, this may signal GOP willingness to consider revenue raisers.

GOP Governors have released a list of 31 changes that would give them greater control over the Medicaid program. They want to be allowed to shrink their programs -- not allowed under health reform -- and convert it to block grants without mandatory coverages. This is SUCH a horrendous set of ideas, subjecting the poor to political whims.

Another awful idea -- change Medigap plans to increase the cost to consumers in order to stop consumers from getting more health care than they really need. I really think the people who come up with this stuff need to spend a month or two getting worked up, having every test known to man, trying medicine after medicine, turning oneself into a pin cushion -- who does that for fun? Do they really think that, by making care more expensive, they will deter only unnecessary care? That's nuts. People do NOT get health care for fun. People will skip medically necessary care if it becomes to expensive. And everybody loses.

Here's an interesting story for you. A new study ties health problems to foreclosure rates. Of course, part of that is because people who are broke also often are uninsured and don't take good care of their health. But stress is also a huge contributor.

With the rise of school-based health centers comes voluntary mental health screening for teens.

Poor sleep may increase your risk of high blood pressure. That explains a lot. And what should you do during your breaks at work in order to reduce your stress? Coffee is not the answer.

Can exercise help treat depression? Maybe -- worth a try, for sure.

And that's what I've got for you this morning. Have a great day! Jennifer

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