Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Musings

The move really gets going this week, starting with phone installation tomorrow. But first, the news:

Social Security Disability, bursting at the seams, is running out of money. More people are applying because they're out of work and can't find a job. This is forcing people to try for disability. As a result, the program is going to run out of money by 2017.

The President's jobs plan -- which hasn't been announced, but which is expected to include extension of unemployment benefits and payroll tax reduction, along with infrastructure projects that need to be built anyway -- is already being met by GOP opposition. Maybe you should at least wait until he gives the speech to bash it?

Meanwhile, the fear of Medicare and Medicaid cuts by the super-committee continues. All six GOP members voted in favor of Paul Ryan's budget, which would have changed Medicare to a voucher program, and favor converting Medicaid into block grants.

The Susan B. Anthony List continues its lawsuit claiming that the health reform law allows federal funding of abortion. A judge found that it does not. I'm telling you -- it does not. The Exchange regulations contain several pages that make sure no federal funds can be used for abortions. And yet this group continues to abuse SB Anthony's name by continuing this campaign.

The first of these two questions is about how health reform will help the disabled. A concise explanation of the individual mandate and why it matters so much.

Celiac disease is on the rise in the US -- or is it just that people are getting diagnosed more often now? Regardless, the symptoms are serious. This is not just another food allergy. Read.

The delay in passing a budget and releasing funds has caused problems for over 500,000 people suffering with HIV/AIDS.

This is a really interesting story about what happens when health care providers try to team up. The health reform law encourages this sort of alliance, but someone forgot to tell the Federal Trade Commission?

It's almost flu shot time. Don't skip it. That's not me; that's the CDC saying that. Especially pregnant women and health care workers.

One Baptist preacher is preaching a healthy diet in the deep-fried Delta. Good for him! And good for Bill Clinton, a vegan.

Farmers' markets are popping up everywhere -- a good thing, or too much of a good thing? In this part of the country, not too much.

A whistleblower in the NY State Disabilities agency is being disciplined harshly.

And that's it for this morning. Have a great day! Jennifer

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