Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Watch. Listen. Never forget. is asking that we all light a candle in our windows for Senator Kennedy tonight. Look this way. You will see my candle. Jennifer

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  1. I showed this video to a federal employee. He was concerned that the message Senator Kennedy was putting out there is that the senators had this wonderful health care coverage and that is not true.

    Our elected represenatives have the same coverage as federal employees. As a person using federal employee health insurance, I get turned down regularly for drugs such as Lyrica and Chantrix so...not exactly a cadillac plan like Microsoft employees have.

    And the insurance is quite COBRA payment is $600 a month, just to cover me. But I can only imagine how much an individual policy would be for me with all my medical issues...

    But the thing is, he missed the point Senator Kennedy was making--that we HAVE insurance! There are some really good points to this insurance...they give you a number of different plans to chose from, and there is no pre-existing conditions policy, nor can they dump you if you get too expensive. Kinda nice :)

    The more I read about Senator Kennedy since his passing, the more impressed I am with his ability and insight. And the more I worry about who will shepherd this health care reform. He was one of a kind.