Monday, August 24, 2009


I received this email today -- I'm also recording my responses:

To Jennifer C. Jaff, Esq.

I disagree with your statement about the "lies" in regard to the healthcare bill.

Please explain the following: P.50 Section 152 "HC will be provided to all non-US citizens."
Response: The word "citizen" doesn't appear on page 50. Section 152 is about nondiscrimination in health plans. In fact, the plan does cover LEGAL immigrants, but not ILLEGAL immigrants.

P. 85 Line 7 "Specs for Benefit levels for plans" Isn't this rationing?
Response: These are minimum levels of health plans, not rationing. Plans can provide basic, enhanced, and premium packages.

This isn't a heath care bill, but a bill for the gov't to control. For example P. 59 Lines 21-24 "Government will have direct access to your banks accounts for electronic funds transfer."
Response: This is direct deposit if you want it, not government access to your bank account. Do you use direct deposit for your paycheck? Or pay bills online? Does that give your employer or vendors access to your bank account?

and P. 195 "Officers & employees of HC Administration will have acess to all Americans' financial and personal records."
Response: This is government access to your tax returns, which they already have.

And P. 425 Lines 15-24; P.429 Lines 1-25 certainly sound like the government deciding "end of life."
Response: This allows doctors whom you consult about your end of life care to be reimbursed by Medicare.

All lies. I understand that not everybody can read the l000 page legislation for themselves, but to just buy this nonsense? I bet the person who emailed me about this is still not going to buy my responses. What will it take to stop these lies from circulating?


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