Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hump Day Headlines

Free preventive care starts today.   Not only the controversial coverage of birth control, but eight services aimed at protecting women's healthScreenings for gestational diabetes and HPV, services for victims of domestic violence, breastfeeding support, counseling on STDs -- all free.  A great move in the right direction.

Congressional leaders reached a tentative deal to fund the government for 6 months, until after the election, to avoid an embarrassing impasse in the run up to the election.

Massachusetts passed a law that is aimed at controlling the growth of health care spending.  Health care costs will not be allowed to grow at a rate faster than the state's economy, and a state agency will monitor and enforce these spending limits.  An important experiment that may help us nationally if it works.  Here's some more on this important effort.

The medical loss ratio rebates should be out now.  If you got a rebate, you know you got your money's worth out of your insurance last year.  If you didn't get a rebate, you know your insurer is spending 80-85% of premium dollars on health care.  Either way, consumers win!

In store clinics -- a growing trend, and possibly a way to address the doctor shortage as 30 million people join the market for health care in 2014.  For simple problems -- a cold, the flu -- this may be a good option.

Brian Mansfield has colon cancer, and is writing about his experience fighting it.  Very well done.  And a strong reminder to have that colonoscopy.

And that's this morning's news.  Have a great day!  Jennifer

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