Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Better Late Than Never

I made the mistake of taking yesterday off and returned to piles and piles -- hard to imagine how much could happen in one day.  So I'm off to a slow start today after having listened to voicemails and dealing with the mail, writing checks,etc.  So this will be a quickie today.

Is it a sign that there's a hurricane disrupting the GOP convention?  I'm not big on signs, but it must be terribly disappointing -- not to mention hard to change plane flights, hotels, network coverage -- what a mess.  It looks like Isaac will hit today right about where Katrina hit -- and that is a horrible tragedy, a region that hasn't yet been repaired and replenished yet, to take another hit -- I don't know how people will manage -- it's just too much.

More isn't always better.  Over-treatment is taking a huge toll.  What will that additional test tell you?  What would you do if it came back positive?  If the answer is nothing, then do you really need the test?  It's so hard to say no to a doctor -- they feel that you're questioning their authority.  But must we say yes to absolutely anything?

Early antibiotics may result in obesity.  Hmmm.  That could explain something in my family, for sure.

It started with a rash -- poison ivy, he thought.  But it blistered and spread to his face.  Super-potent medications like CellCept had no effect.  Skin biopsies said psoriasis, but the treatment didn't work.  It turned out to be a pancreatic tumor.  So too many tests are wasteful (see above), but not enough tests might have missed this rare diagnosis.  What's a patient to do?

Gotta go do a school conference.  Will try go get back here to finish later.  Sorry.  J

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