Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally Friday!

More truth-telling on Medicare.  The health reform law does not cut benefits; the Ryan plan converts the whole program into a voucher system.  Which is better?  Here's one opinion, and here's the President's response to the claim that he "stole" $700 billion from Medicare and here's more about the Romney/Ryan position -- but in the end, you have to decide for yourself.  And here's more on Ryan's plan for Medicaid, which is even more dramatic.  You know, folks, the politicians are counting on you not doing your homework and buying whatever they're saying -- and I mean this about both sides of the aisle.  The only reasonable response for us voters is to take responsibility for learning the truth.  So you don't have to read me, but you do have to read and question and not just accept any one source.  Learn and think for yourself.  If, in fact, Medicare is even more important to voters than health reform, then you owe it to yourself to try to make sure you have the facts straight.

How to control health care costs -- set spending caps?  Some think so, and this scares me.  What happens to people who really need more than the average amount of care -- hemophiliacs, transplant patients?  We have to do something, but is this the best way to go? 

Dr. Pauline Chen writes this week about the problem we all have with these short doctor visits in which they tell us 10 things and maybe we remember one or two.  Should doctors focus more narrowly?  Should they give us a checklist in writing?  Always thoughtful, Dr. Chen gives us the doctor's perspective.

Imagine working in an ER in Aurora, Colorado on the night of the horrific shooting.  Here's what it was like -- and what it's like to live with the memories.

We're seeing an outbreak of West Nile Virus around Dallas.  They're now spraying pesticide to try to kill off the mosquitos.  Be careful, folks. 

The CDC says we should all be tested for hepatitis C.  Have you been tested?  If not, check with your doctor at your next visit.

Ann Romney talks about having MS on the campaign trail and not being able to keep up the crazy-fast pace.  Something all of us with chronic illnesses have to be mindful of.

And that's it for this morning.  Have a great day and a great week-end.  Jennifer

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