Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

A whole day without a computer malfunction. Of course, my computer will never be the same. Can't even get the colors right. But it works. And here's the news:

The number of people without insurance rose again in 2011. While young adults were more likely to be insured, baby boomers are feeling the pinch, as are those earning under $36,000. What we can see from our work is that people are unemployed, can't afford COBRA, have no options with pre-existing conditions, and can't get Medicaid in most states without a child living in the household. It's a hard world out there.

Some states are not moving forward with exchanges, taking a wait and see approach to the Supreme Court and the Presidential election. If they bet wrong and can't get up and running in time, the feds will take over their exchange and they won't be happy with that, either.

The Supreme Court rejected a request for debate over whether Justice Kagan should hear the health reform law in the face of claims of conflict of interest from her work as Obama's Solicitor General.

John Stewart interviews HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on health reform. I'll try to find video later. (Update: video is here).

The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute came out with its draft priorities on Monday and didn't chose particular diseases -- instead, they focused on broad topics such as comparing medical options.

As we come to realize that we may not need all of those tests for things like bone density, how do we know what's legit and what's not?

Women rate their pain higher than men. Why? Are they really in more pain? Is it all subjective? The guess is that there's a biological difference -- more things we need to try to understand.

When is stress good for you? It's good to get the surge of adrenaline, the juices flowing, the motor running -- but when it is too much, and how do we turn it down?

Pre-diabetes, when you can see it coming and maybe even stop it.

Should we be funding alternative medicine to see if it works, or is it a waste of dollars?

Hospitals are offering free parking, discount shopping, all to woo patients.

Long-term care insurance -- is it for you? It's definitely not for everyone. Is it right for you?

Food allergies are not as rampant as we thought, and they change over time. But allergy to the cold? That's actually real!

A new, broader definition of rape to include male victims.

A stem cell study shows promise in treating macular degeneration.

Older people benefit from virtual brain exercise as well as physical exercise.

Childhood obesity NOT due to those vending machines?!!!

"Cupping" -- sort of like acupuncture -- begins to catch on in America.

That's it. Have a great day. Jennifer


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