Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Themes

It's Thursday already and that's a good thing. Here's the news:

Private insurers are profiting from increase roles in Medicare and Medicaid. Despite the poor economy, health insurance is a very profitable business. This is so despite the fact that fewer employers are offering coverage, and those who do are charging employees more for it.

Here's another one of those NY Times puzzles -- guess the diagnosis. I'm totally hooked on these. In this one, one of the doctors is an old friend and colleague of my brother's (Jeff Olin), which really makes me curious. Can't wait for the answer!

HIV/AIDS is increasing within the Navajo Nation, at a time when they are decreasing in the general population.

Food allergies are an increasing problem, and vigilance is required. Not only do you have to be careful about what you eat, but you also have to prepare for slip-ups.

A new study shows that even a small gap in insurance compromises the health of a diabetic. I'm certain the same can be said of other illnesses, as well.

HHS rejected Kansas and Oklahoma's request for a waiver of the medical loss ratio requirement. This means insurers in those states will have to spend 80 or 85 percent of premium dollars on health care. Good.

A whistleblower suit accuses a nationwide hospice company of cycling patients through nursing homes and hospice to maximize profit.

A new study says that, although heart attack victims in the US will spend only 2-3 days in the hospital after the attack, they are more likely than patients in other countries to be readmitted to the hospital within the next month.

Drug shortages are an increasing problem due to hoarding and price gouging.

Will electronic monitors of caloric intake help people lose weight?

Due to concerns about resistance to antibiotics, US officials are further restricting the use of antibiotics in livestock.

The FDA has ordered a study of surgical mesh used to treat urinary incontinence in women due to many reports of injury.

And there you go -- a lot of news for a Thursday. Have a great day! Jennifer

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