Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump Day Headlines

Wednesday already? YAY! So here's the news:

Congress is back. As you may recall, they punted for a short-term fix on three issues -- payroll tax cut, Medicare reimbursement rate hike, and extended unemployment benefits. They seem optimistic about wrapping this up quickly. You wanna bet?

Don't understand health reform? Have questions? Watch this short video. All will be revealed!

What will the Supreme Court do on health reform? The answer isn't as clear as we all once hoped it was. My fear of what happens if we lose the promise of insurance despite pre-existing conditions takes my breath away.

Young adults are making gains under health reform, mostly because they can stay on their parents' policies to age 26.

The Supreme Court has 2 Medicaid cases that could transform the program. First, as part of the health reform case, 26 states challenge the law's Medicaid expansion, even though it will cost them nothing to start with and little thereafter. Second, a California case already argued centers on whether states can be sued because their Medicaid program isn't in full compliance with federal law. These cases, taken together, could result in a Medicaid program in which states have free reign -- and depending on the state, that could be really bad for some.

The CLASS Act -- part of health reform that would create long-term care insurance -- has been deemed to be unaffordable for now, according to the Obama Administration, but they want to keep it on the books to revisit another day. The GOP is pushing to get rid of it entirely, though.

Tiered insurance. You heard it here first. If you go to one hospital, it's free. If you go to another hospital, you pay 10 percent. If you go to a third hospital, you pay 20 percent. These policies are being sold in Massachusetts as great cost cutters, but do they really save money? Mostly, they're incredibly confusing.

A new drug may treat colon cancer if all alternatives are exhausted.

Diagnostic errors highlight the need for a second opinion.

A heartbreaking decision, but one that brings life. Just read.

Obesity rates have leveled out -- stopped increasing, but no decrease, either.

Check out this video. If you haven't been to the doctor in awhile, this is a cautionary tale. GO TO THE DOCTOR!

Paula Deen just "came out" about her type 2 diabetes -- and now she's a pitchwoman for a diabetes drug. She couldn't have gone public simply to raise awareness? She's not even changing her on-TV fat-laden cooking style. It's all about the green for Deen.

And that, my friends, is the news. Have a great day. Jennifer

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