Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The House GOP keep at it, passing bills to defund health reform, Planned Parenthood -- political posturing in anticipation of a show-down with the Senate. Meanwhile, Congress is looking at ways to improve the budget process. I know. How about they stop passing bills they know can't be passed by the other house of Congress, or signed by the President? How about they stop imposing extreme political views on people who disagree with them? Let me see. How about they stop the political posturing and get government to work.

Teaching patients to ask more questions of their doctors -- and teaching doctors to help -- a new initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. Love this.

A new report documents prescription drug abuse under Medicare -- people filling way more prescriptions for narcotics than they possibly can use. Who's minding the store? Similarly, three home health agencies are charged with gaming the Medicare system.

Can Medicaid recipients sue over cuts in reimbursement rates for providers? The Supreme Court heard argument yesterday as it began its new term.

Drug shortages are becoming a serious problem, leading doctors to ration care. These aren't just cancer drugs (although that would be bad enough). It's antibiotics, electrolytes -- things that are very commonly used. What's going on here? Are the pharmaceutical companies just trying to drive up costs?

A group of doctors and hospitals have written to the Supercommittee and asked that they not cut funds for training of doctors. In the face of an anticipated shortage, especially in primary care physicians, this makes good sense.

Is American medicine too aggressive? Is it healthy to go with less treatment? I love that idea. Unfortunately, on the rare occasion when I forget to take my meds, I pay dearly for it.

An interesting piece by our friend Arielle Levin Becker, who says that caregivers aren't given the instructions they need to ensure proper care for patients.

Churches partner with a hospital to ensure transitions, support. An example of the private sector filling a gap.

The doctor who led the team that tried to link chronic fatigue syndrome to a retro-virus has been fired from her job.

A contraceptive used on Africa may double the risk of AIDS. This has to stop.

And there's today's news. Have a great day! Jennifer

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