Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings

Maybe if I had another day or two, I could actually feel half-way normal. But this week-end was too short, almost a tease. I'm so tired. But here's proof of my dedication -- today's news:

And the top story is here. It made me cry. No hints. Just watch.

Congress is back from vacation this week. They have 2 days to pass a budget that takes them through November (remember the 4 day extension), but the Senate has already passed a continuing resolution that eliminates the increase in disaster aid. The House is expected to follow suit.

The Supreme Court starts its new term today with a hearing on whether patients and providers can sue states over Medicaid reimbursement cuts. There will be lots of cases about the extent of government power this year, culminating with the health reform case. Indeed, a group of doctors have sued Washington State for limiting the number of so-called non-emergency ER visits per year.

Americans give health insurers a thumbs down.

Should contraceptives be covered under preventive care? The feds say yes, but some of the commenters on the regulations say there must be broad exceptions for those whose "conscience" is bothered by this. Pro-choice organizations say the conscience clause is too broad.

Debt reduction has turned to what tax loopholes to close, as members of Congress try to protect their constituents -- racehorses in Kentucky, Sam Adams beer in Boston -- you get the idea.

Nurses calling themselves doctors? Look at those diplomas on the wall. I'm all for self-improvement, but when I'm in a doctor's office and someone calls herself a doctor, I think she means medical doctor. A little clarification is in order here.

I take this very seriously. Are we ready for a fat President? I think there is anti-fat prejudice -- people will think he's lazy, undisciplined, a health risk. And you know I'm obese, so this doesn't come from my own prejudice -- more likely, it comes from my self as victim of this same prejudice.

An inquiry from Congress finds that the three largest home health companies calculated to deliver care to maximize reimbursement from Medicare.

Breast cancer isn't one disease with one disease course. And some info about breast cancer treatment. Staying active helps fend off this horrible cancer. And try an anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory diet.

Parents are opting for an "alternative" vaccination schedule, as infectious diseases are making a come-back.

Men may need colon cancer screening earlier than women.

In the hospital for 19 months an counting, with nowhere to go. On the taxpayers' bill.

Health benefits for domestic partners kill some politicians' careers.

A scary tale of Bell's palsy. Not a stroke, but scary nonetheless.

Depression is less common among Super-moms who know their limitations. What about super-lawyers who don't know their limitations? (meaning me, of course).

That's busy for a Monday. Have a great day. I'm still trying to fight the urge to go back to bed. Jennifer

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