Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday Musings

Sorry I'm so late today, but these are unusual circumstances, what with no power at home due to the storm. This will be a bit of an abbreviated version, but better than nothing, I hope.

Anthem BCBS of Maine is suing the state for refusing to allow rate increases which Anthem says is stopping it from earning a decent profit. Do states have the right to regulate insurance premiums? That's the question a court in Maine will have to decide. It could have significant implications nationwide.

Interesting piece by a doctor who wonders -- do we really want doctors with more compassion? Is this a fad, she asks? I certainly hope not, but it's interesting to read from a doctor's point of view.

Chronic insomnia raises the risk of heart attacks. Great -- another thing to lose sleep over.

A new study shows that doctors order roughly $6.8 billion in unnecessary tests. Wow -- that's a very big number. Blood tests, CT scans, MRIs head the list.

The White House is targeting prescription drug shortages -- about time.

And finally, HHS has finalized standards to track health care so as to help reduce racial and ethnic disparities. The idea is to figure out whose risks are greatest -- so that we can target solutions accordingly.

There's more. I'm sorry. I have to get home before it's dark so I can eat and feed the cat and get myself situated before I can't see. Have a great night -- and let's hope tomorrow's a better day. Jennifer

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