Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Musings

Last time I complained about Mondays, someone posted saying she likes Mondays because it's after her chemo -- so I'm not complaining about Mondays any more, although a longer break would really be nice. But for now, the news:

Speaker Boehner wanted the big budget deal that he and the President had been talking about; however, members of his party balked at anything that included revenue raisers. The GOP is torn, and Boehner can't come up with the votes for something big. This has exposed Boehner's limitations and the power of Eric Cantor and the hard right of the GOP. The President also wants something big, but he can't get the GOP on board. The 75 minute Sunday meeting didn't go very well, by all reports. Although it appears that all agree that the debt limit must be raised, the GOP still won't budge on any sort of revenue enhancement -- even closing tax loopholes without raising tax rates. The parties meet again today, although it's unclear whether they're zeroing in on a solution. The President asked the GOP to come to today's meeting with a plan they'd like to see. They seem to want to go back to the Biden deal, but that deal fell apart when it came to discussing taxes. Someone's going to have to give here.

The Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board -- a critical cost-cutter in the health reform law -- is under attack, and maybe not just from Republicans. The IPAB is designed to make cost-cutting recommendations to Congress, which would take effect if spending hit certain levels, and if Congress did not act to stop them. The GOP-run House will hold hearings this week, calling the IPAB a rationing board.

Poverty brings health problems -- not surprising, but heartbreaking that this is America. In particular, lack of education fuels the HIV epidemic in the South.

Before they were running for President, several Republicans were in favor of health reform.

The Partnership for Patients is taking off, with 2000 hospitals on board with a plan to reduce errors.

Do you want to be a doctor? First, pass the people skills test.

Therapy via the internet? Really?

Addiction is increasingly seen as an illness, with treatment accordingly.

A new study says meditation can help to ease chronic pain. I find that meditation helps just about everything.

And that's this morning's news. Have a great day. Jennifer


  1. Meditation is priceless if you are in pain imho.

    Two questions to *clear my head*. I had a prescription for a Medrol pack. The pharmacy I go to said they didn't have any and gave me the name of a Medicaid pharmacy. It's across town. Meanwhile, my mother who works and has insurance had the same prescription for a different problem and was given the Medrol pack from the same pharmacy. Is it just me? Pred is dirt cheap...

    Second, my knees, back, ribs around to the front chest on my right--all of it is messed up. Doc is doing x-rays but asked if I planned on having knee surgery. I said nooo so she didn't order the MRI. Is it just me or do they make decisions based on 'if there is a problem, there is nothing she can do about it anyway?'. After the last week--mom got pain pills over the phone. I've never gotten them. Ever. We have different problems but this is the first time we've had it the same time and compared doctor's, pharmacies, etc. Just wondered if I'm reading it right or getting paranoid O.o

  2. Pretty interesting. I don't know if this is a pattern or just a couple of anomalies. A Medrol dose pack is very inexpensive. I can't imagine that a pharmacy would have an issue dispensing to a Medicaid patient. Pain meds are a whole other story -- so many doctors are refusing to prescribe out of fear. The MRI? No clue -- it does seem strange. On the other hand, I often say I'm not having a test because I wouldn't do anything about it anyway, but that's me saying it, not a doctor. It sure does seem strange, though. J

  3. I feel better so I don't care. I am also convinced there is a huge difference between real health insurance and Medicaid in how you are perceived and treated.

    I'm posting anon ;-).