Friday, January 28, 2011

President Obama At Familes USA

President Obama spoke at the annual Families USA conference in Washington, DC this morning. Reports are that he said, essentially, that he's willing to tweak the health reform law, but will not allow it to be repealed. He said he supports eliminating the 1099 requirement (a bookkeeping requirement that would impose a huge burden on small businesses), and to possible malpractice reform and patient safety innovations. But he stressed that seniors are benefiting from help with Medicare part D drug costs, and young people are on their parents' policies, and people can access preventive care. See also here.

He also said the new law is NOT budget busting, job killing, or granny threatening! The experience over the last 10 months shows that small businesses are offering health insurance, some for the first time. The Business Round-Table says that businesses will see savings from health reform over the next few years. And, he said, "granny is safe." In fact, Medicare is stronger than ever, he said.

He said he will not "take this law apart" without consideration for the lives that hang in the balance. But he's willing to try to make care better and more affordable, and he remains open to other ideas.

Video is here. Jennifer

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