Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Manic Monday

Monday already. Bummed. It's a slow news day, too. Here goes:

Democrats are making the strong case for health reform, highlighting the concrete ways the law is helping Americans.

Roughly 10,000 Americans are enrolled in the new health reform Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans. They're still too expensive for some folks in some states, and you have to have been without insurance for 6 months, but for some people who otherwise could not get insurance, these comprehensive plans are a great alternative.

Will health reform raise rates or lower them? It's more like the rate of increase will slow down, but not stop. Here's more.

States are considering cutting Medicaid, leaving more poor uninsured.

Who's really a doctor -- and who's not? Check it out if you're unsure.

In California, open enrollment for health insurance for kids under age 19.

The military fails to care for its brain injured troops when they get home.

Sing your baby a lullaby. It will improve his or her health.

Meditation changes the brain in good ways.

Facial exercises to reduce wrinkles.

And that's it, a quiet Monday morning. No doubt, the week will heat up! So hang on and hang in. Jennifer

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