Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks from Emily

Emily (the cat) asked me to write this in case Larry Bloom of Connecticut Magazine is still reading my blog. I've had my share of press exposure -- some welcome, some not, some I don't even know about -- but Larry Bloom wrote a lovely piece about me in the March issue of Connecticut Magazine. And here's the important part:

She leads and organization that employs a workforce of two, not counting to full-time lap sitter, a cat named Emily.

Well, Larry, you've made a real fan of yourself around here. Prancing around as if she were the Queen of Sheba (and she clearly is the queen of something), this press has gone directly to Emily's head.

The rest of the article is really lovely, too. It feels so very real. Larry "gets" me.

So much so that he knew that mentioning Emily at the top of the story would win me over. And it did. Jennifer


  1. Can you add the link to the article to this post? Thanks!

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