Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Four Republican Ideas

Today, President Obama agreed to include four Republican ideas in his health plan:

The proposals Obama listed are: sending investigators disguised as patients to uncover fraud and waste; expanding medical malpractice reform pilot programs; increasing payments to Medicaid providers and expanding the use of health savings accounts.

There's nothing offensive in any of these ideas except that I've yet to meet a single person who did well using a health savings account. But once again, it seems to me that the President is trying overly hard to make it appear as though this is a bipartisan plan. If he hadn't spent months letting Senator Baucus beg Olympia Snowe for her votes, we'd have a plan already. Does he really think he's going to get even one Republican vote because he agrees to add these four elements.

I just don't think so. It takes two to tango. I don't think there's a single Republican ready or willing to dance with him. Jennifer

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