Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Guess what? Exactly three hours after posting this blog entry, I got an email from my long-time contact at UnitedHealthcare saying that she will remain my contact.

It's wrong. I don't want special attention. I want them to take care of all of their members appropriately, with respect.

So those of you with UnitedHealthcare, if you can't get anywhere, call me. I'll either get it resolved for you or document the problems until I have documented enough abuse to be able to act on behalf of a larger number of patients.

This fight is not over -- not by a long shot. Jennifer


  1. Guess who I had when I got sick in 2002? Guess who now is the new HMO-type of Medicaid insurance--United Healthcare.

    They aren't as bad as Unum. Maybe it's all one company.

    It was a nightmare dealing with all of them. We'll see how it goes with them running the new Medicaid system.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I am just amazed at all the work and helpful communications you have with folks who are very ill. It seems so incredible to think that here in the health care industry there are patient reps tied up in the not helping side of things. Small technicalities are used to prevent critically ill people from getting the help they need. I guess I'm not surprised that the medical insurance business is just as destructively self-serving as the mortgage business was. I mean they sold folks ruinous mortgages for homes that they would end up losing. What has happened to ethical behaviour and serving the needs of the customer with good customer and claims services?

  3. Rabbit, you made me laugh comparing UHC to Unum. If I had to pick an arch nemesis health insurer, it would be UHC. If I had to pick an arch nemesis disability insurer, it would be Unum. I think you're right -- they ought to just merge and be all one company! Jennifer