Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

The health reform law will make it easier for individuals to shop for, and compare, insurance.  That has touched off a wave of marketing as companies compete for markets they never aimed at before.

Mitt Romney is really struggling over health reform these days.  He wants to tack to the center, supporting things like coverage of pre-existing conditions, but the GOP base hates, with intense passion, anything to do with health reform.  Rick Santorum always said Romney was the worst possible person to go against President Obama on health reform because of Massachusetts -- but it may be true not only for that reason, but because Mitt Romney really isn't against every aspect of health reform.  But will he ever stand up to the right of his party?  When they got upset about his warming towards parts of the law, he immediately reaffirmed his vow to repeal health reform day one.  Meanwhile, former Obama health advisers issued a report that tells us what Romney/Ryan's Medicare plan would cost us -- and they now say they were being kind to Romney.  And then there's a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation that also says it would cost seniors thousands.  It's fair to guess Governor Romney doesn't agree.

An Epidemic of Absence -- a new book on allergies and autoimmune diseases makes the case that getting rid of too much bacteria has weakened our immune systems.  I tend to buy this.  Why else is it that richer countries have higher incidence of Crohn's, MS, etc.?  Now, if only we could be cured by rolling around in the mud!

The US Preventive Service Task Force says testing for ovarian cancer is ineffective and generates too many false positives.  In fact, this isn't news -- the panel has been recommending against this test for years, as has the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  Hmm.

The government is beefing up suicide crisis lines for military and civilian.  Call  800-273-8255.  36,000 people die of suicide each year.  The goal is to save 20,000 of them. 

Every second counts when trying to open a blocked artery.  The technology is amazing, truly. 

Local health offices are going door to door, preaching better health.  Some say newsletters and dropping in isn't enough -- but isn't it better than nothing?

When children learn a musical instrument early on, they have long-term benefits, even years after they stop taking music lessons.

Steroids for children may stunt their growth.  This includes kids who use steroids for asthma.

And that's it for this morning.  Have a great day!  Jennifer

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