Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Staying away from politics and conventions these days is easier said than done.  Thus, the short blog posts -- we're a nonprofit and while we do try to educate about health reform and Medicare, we try to stay out of electoral politics (although I do get into that stuff on my personal Facebook page if you're interested.

New diseases -- drug-resistant TB, a new tick-born heartland virusFarm use of antibiotics defies scrutiny Standford scientists question advantages of organic meat and veggies.  Relief of asthma at a priceUse of inhalers may affect growth.  Does any of that make any sense at all?

Trying a new line of attack in heart disease -- attacking inflammation.   This fascinates me.  Think of all of the inflammatory illnesses  -- and then think of a single cause.  Wouldn't that be something?

HHS has stated that it will not tolerate health discrimination in health care against transgendered.

A new program teaches doctors to treat addiction.

Kids with autism are bullies more than other kids.  As a fat kid, I sort of doubt kids with autism are bullied more than fat kids or Downs kids or any kids who are different.  But it all sucks.  Peter Paul & Mary's song Don't Laugh at Me comes to mind.

A rare infection prompts neti-pot warning.  Think twice, folks. 

That's it.  Have a great day.  Jennifer

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