Tuesday, July 17, 2012


How big is 50.7 million uninsured

 Very few will pay more under health reform, even with the individual mandate.

Are you getting a rebate from your insurer this year?

So you get subsidies through the exchanges.  If your state doesn't set up an exchange, the feds will run it for you.  And now the group of law professors who brought you years of litigation over the individual mandate say the statute doesn't let federal exchanges offer subsidies.   That's good, you ivory tower know nothings.  Keep coming up with ways for poor, sick people to be denied insurance.  After all, only rich people deserve health care, right?

Governors remain divided over Medicaid expansion.  Sure, because when someone comes to you offering you billions of dollars in exchange for providing health care to the poor, it's very suspicious. 

Children with disabilities are more likely to be abused.  So are adults.  Depends what you call abuse.

Older adults ignore prescription drug warning labels.

The first preventive med for HIV is approved.

US Preventive Medicine Task Force comes under fire.

You get cancer.  You're treated. All's clear.  And then you get a secondary cancer.  Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) is caused by chemotherapy and it's a killer.  When I did an emergency insurance appeal for coverage of an allogeneic stem cell transplant for MDS, I learned how devastating this illness can be. 

Chronic inflammation may be the key to many diseases, including cancer.

The FDA's lawyer approved spying on FDA employees.   All employers have the right to look at employees' work computers.  I'm not quite getting the big deal here -- except spying of any kind is creepy. 

Ever wonder why those TV doctors seem to know everything?   They don't. 

Three punks beat up a disabled man and post it on Facebook.  Really?  REALLY?

Finding out you have cancer.  I swear to god, it would be a relief.  No more fighting.  I'm so tired of fighting.

That's it.  Have a great day.  Jennifer

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