Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hump Day Headlines

Had a lot of fun speaking at UConn Business School last night. Today's an ordinary day, though, so we start with the news:

First, the payroll tax cut. The NY Times points out that the GOP is in favor of extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, but they're against extending the far less expensive payroll tax cut unless it's paid for. The Dems have proposed paying for it with a tax on incomes over $1 million. Some GOPers seem to be willing to consider extending the payroll tax cut, but they want to find other ways to pay for it. They say taxing millionaires will hurt small businesses.

Many states that oppose the health reform law are taking federal money to implement it. Here are some specifics. A touch hypocritical, no?

Eric Cantor has praised President Obama's pick to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Marilyn Tavenner. Surely, this is a strong sign that she will sail through the confirmation process.

Only 28% of Americans with HIV are receiving optimal therapy. This is scandalous, no?

Kids are being fed in schools as their parents are laid off and can't afford to feed their families. While I'm glad the schools are stepping in, I'm disgusted that it's come to this.

The YMCA -- one of the nation's largest day care providers -- is promoting healthy living standards with nutrition and exercise.

Hallucinogens and other street drugs are being tested for medical uses. Hey -- when you're sick, whatever works!

Medicare is going to start paying for obesity prevention as a way of trying to cut overall costs. Along those lines, it's a struggle to get obese kids to lose weight. I know -- I was one, and here I am, still obese (although I hate that word), still struggling every single day.

A women's health clinic in Rome, Georgia provides free care to those in need.

And that's today's health news. Have a great day! Jennifer

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