Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Edition

The Senate overwhelmingly passed two pieces of the President's jobs bill -- one that would create jobs for veterans and one that would eliminate a 3 percent withholding rule from government contractors. However, the supercommittee still struggles over the issue of taxes. A few members are meeting in secret to try to come up with something that will avert failure as the committee fails to reach agreement on the role of tax revenue. But one of the co-chairs has not given up hope, he says. Meanwhile, inexplicably, Dems on the supercommittee are considering slashing the Prevention and Public Health Fund. It's a small amount of money, and needed for a very important initiative.

We all agree that health care costs have to be curtailed, right? But how do we do so? That's the quandry. So when the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) opened its Innovation Center, which would provide grants for pilot programs aimed at improving care and controlling costs, it seemed like a great step forward. However, several GOP-ers say it's a waste of money. In the absence of a single proposal from the GOP other than malpractice reform (which Dems are willing to consider), this seems like very unfair criticism.

There is renewed interest in a balanced budget amendment, but the devil is in the details, where there is no agreement.

For brain scientists, Rick Perry's inability to list the three federal agencies he would abolish if elected president was a great example of what they call "brain freeze." The more scientific term is "retrieval failure."

A love story about two people with cerebral palsy who met as children and never left each other's sides from then on, until one of them passed away.

County health systems -- often the only place to go for free care -- are not filling vacancies, and so people are struggling.

A really cool exhibit at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, all about health, but in a fun and whimsical way.

A profile of a warrior in the fight against elder abuse. Great work.

Should alcoholics be eligible for liver transplants? Some doctors say yes.

And that's today's news. Hug a veteran, and have a great day! Jennifer

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