Friday, August 27, 2010

End the Two-Year Wait

There's a movement afoot to end the 2 year wait for Medicare for people on Social Security disability. Although the deficit hawks will cry foul (intentional pun -- hawks, foul (fowl) -- get it?), it would be a huge advance for the disabled. I'm all for it.

If they want to rein in costs, how about providing temporary disability -- 6 to 12 months -- for people who are flaring, or who are having a major surgery, and who just need short-term help? There are a lot of people who get Social Security at a time of crisis and then stay on it because they're afraid they'll never get it again so they hold on tight. I like the idea of a streamlined application process and short-term disability.

I also like the idea of providing tax incentives for employers who employ disabled people in work-at-home opportunities. This would allow many of the disabled to get back to work. Because, believe it or not, most disabled people really do want to work. Jennifer

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