Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans

The NY Times describes the new plans here. However, they are missing some important info. So here's what I have to add:

First, they are going to be called pre-existing condition insurance plans, to distinguish them from existing high risk pools.

Second, the HHS web portal will be at, not at the HHS website (although I suspect there will be a link on the HHS website).'

Third, if people want to know what their state is doing -- whether their state is operating their own pool or letting the feds do it -- you can go here -- scroll down to the map.

Next, people have to be without insurance for 6 months to qualify. In addition -- and this is important -- HHS says they must produce evidence that they were turned down for insurance due to a pre-existing condition. So you are going to have to jump through that hoop of applying for a policy that they know they won't get. Since time is of the essence, you should be doing that now.

The pools will be taking applications in July for (hopefully) an August 1 coverage date. So if you don't have insurance and you want to be part of this program, get moving now. Jennifer

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