Monday, September 21, 2009

My Favorite Rock Band

Pearl Jam's new CD Backspacer was released yesterday, although my copy came in Thursday's mail, so I got a little jump on it. Wow! It's fabulous -- high energy for the most part, with a gorgeous Just Breathe reminiscent of the Into the Wild soundtrack, and a new anthem, Amongst the Waves, that I dare you to try NOT to sing along to!

Why does my excitement about a rock album belong here? Pearl Jam announced last Friday that part of the proceeds of its tour starting tonight will go to the Vitalogy Foundation, to be distributed to a number of charities. My friend and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready chose Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness and our new partner, Lybba, a brilliant website (not yet live -- I promise to tell you when it is), the brainchild of the inspired and inspiring Jesse Dylan. Yup, I got Pearl Jam, Mike McCready, and Jesse Dylan in one sentence!!!!

THANK YOU MIKE!!!!!!!!!! You'll keep our doors open a little longer.

Enjoy the video, friends! Jennifer


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  2. Sorry had edited and it didn't make sense. Just asking if you knew if any of the CCFA fundraiser songs were available for sale. Two on YouTube but I haven't found them.

    I was a huge fan pre-CD and I need some new music ;-). Hopefully it's on ITunes. I'm in podcast haven right now.

    How are you doing Ms. Jaff?


  3. Hi, rabbit. I don't know about CCFA fundraiser songs. Generally, Pearl Jam sells its own bootlegs, but not this long after the event. I haven't seen them on YouTube either.

    Backspacer -- the new CD -- is available on iTunes, on the Pearl Jam website, and at Target and independent record stores. But nowhere else.