Thursday, February 26, 2009


If you could change something in the world, what would it be?

I have a couple of ideas.

First, what if the federal government gave tax credits to employers who allowed formerly disabled employees to work from home? There are a zillion jobs that can be done from a computer, phone, fax, and mail, and electronic networking is sophisticated enough so employees can be supervised and monitored even when working at remote locations. Let's take all the people on Social Security disability who want to work and give them jobs they can do at home.

Second, what if there was short-term disability, so people could take 6 months off when having a flare of a chronic illness or needing surgery and then go back to work without fighting for 2 years to get disability, and then feeling that they can't afford to go off it because they may never get it again.

What are your ideas? Jennifer


  1. A lot of people telecommute but you have to get hired first. I could do pretty much everything at home that I did in my old job (except cover the phones and maybe do the lunches--meaning being there in person to oversee it for meetings) because I was a secretary. I don't think they'd let some of the software be used at home but maybe they should if it were a company laptop.

    MTurk (amazon) has tedious to writing jobs you can sign up for but the pay is pennies to maybe $28 for an article.

    I agree there's a ton of work if you have a computer and a resource. What about insurance though? Did you mean freelance or as an employee?

    I have a lot of ideas--like an agency who does just that--place people into 'virtual' roles for whatever they do or did. Especially for Crohn's Disease or chronic.

    Too much space for here though.

    The ticket to work program supposedly gives you five years so if you get sick or lose your job you can pick up on the benefits again. I'm not sure if you can keep your medicaid while you are trying to work or how hard it would be to get the benefits back.

    With the economy now--who knows.

  2. From what I've been reading in the Yahoo "hidden" disabilities group ERISA makes life h*ll for people on long-term disability. The insurance companies spy on them and do some really unethical (but apparently legal) things to try to terminate their claims. I'd scrap the whole thing and find a way to create incentives for both the insurance companies and the individuals to find a way to be productive employees but still retain a safety net. I know, but what? And how?

    Haven't had my coffee yet...

  3. Dear ALL: I have a child who is very ill--DX with both Crohns and Celiac and now a cardiac condition...his biofather is monstrous...a successful physician who stole all of the assets belonging to his children and wife...cut off support to a very sick son....what could be done to help and get the support returned and expose this monster,,,we live in NJ-home of corruption,pay to play and cronyism...