Friday, April 27, 2012

This Pisses Me Off

The House passed a bill that would pay for reducing student loan interest by cutting preventive health care.  Speaker Boehner calls the Prevention and Public Health Fund a "slush fund."  These are funds for cancer screening, child immunization, smoking cessation and nutrition.  In particular, the cancer screening funds are primarily for women -- breast and cervical cancer.  When did our health and the health of our children become "slush" that is expendable?  If the GOP wants to convince us that the "war on women" is a figment of the liberal media, perhaps they should stop targeting programs for women and children.  Are you not outraged?  You should be.  Jennifer

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  1. I've got student loans from 2003 and I am currently racking up new student loans for a graduate program. I'm not thrilled about raising interest rates. However, the radio station WTOP today reported the increase would be about $7 a month on average. Assuming a college-educated person is middle class, $7 a month should be absorbed fairly easily. Cutting this money from public health would potentially impact people who are lower class, or more at risk. I think it is a shame that the news just reports "STUDENT LOANS INCREASE" so people complain without knowing what impact that will have on other people and programs who are more vulnerable.