Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

Monday already. I thought about taking the day off, but there's too much going on with the Connecticut Insurance Exchange Board to be out of touch today. So here I am, and here's the news:

People with disabilities can be assets in the workplace. After all, we surmount challenges that most people never dream of. We just have to learn how to pitch ourselves -- and believe that we have something very special to offer.

The GOP is split on what to do about extending the payroll tax cut. And they only have a few weeks to get this done or you're going to see a decrease in your paycheck.

The states opposing health reform will file their briefs in the Supreme Court today. I'll be here to dispell the propoganda. My law school alma mater held a moot court on the health reform case.

New York City has been running a series of ads intended to scare us into being healthy. Is fear the best motivator?

Steps you can take to make your parents' -- or your -- home safer, keeping them out of nursing homes. And here are 10 Alzheimer's warning signs. How to talk to aging parents about changes. What to do if you suspect Alzheimer's. And Patti Davis, a daughter whose father, Ronald Reagan, was stricken.

Hospitals mine records to find "good" patients -- and then advertise with them in mind.

The head of Sloan Kettering is being sued for taking research that was funded through his former employer and using it to start up a valuable company.

An adopted child with fetal alcohol syndrome finds a friend in a golden retriever. Reminds me of one of our recent insurance appeals.

A new online site, HealthTap, allows you to ask medical questions and doctors answer, gaining points and climbing numbered levels. Check it out here.

Last week's NY Times puzzle is answered here. I was nowhere close.

What doctors can learn from musicians.

And here in Connecticut, the Governor will propose allowing unlicensed aides to give out medications. What's a few mistakes if you can save the state $28 million per year?

Check back a little later for news on the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange.

And have a great day! Jennifer

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