Friday, February 19, 2010

Social Networking 101: Migraine Aura

A very good, well-meaning friend convinced me that I really need to do more social networking for the sake of Advocacy for Patients. For me, I could say no, but I never say no when it's for Advocacy for Patients.

So now I have a Twitter account and I tweet. Tweeting doesn't come easily to verbose attorneys, let me tell you.

But once you tweet, then it occurs to you that your Twitter feed should show up on Facebook. And your blog should show up on Twitter. And by the time you're done, you're caught in a web of social networking where you have thousands of friends who couldn't care less about you but follow your every tweet anyway.

Well, follow me on Twitter here and then on Facebook here, and you should be able to read me saying the same things over and over again in at least three different places.

But what would your life be without my Twitter feed, after all? Jennifer


  1. Well when you put it that way :-)

    Different people use different social networking tools (many people won't go near Twitter, but love each his/her own) and doing it that way hits all the bases.

    And if someone "retweets" something you tweet (I know Twitter, Tweets...who makes this sh*t up?!!) a whole new audience is exposed and eventually they make their way to your blog and learn something vastly more important and interesting than what Tiger Woods is up to or which Kardashian sister is pregnant. Uh-huh, that would be Public Service 101!

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