Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apology to America

I apologize, America. My Senator -- much as I hate to admit it -- has said that he would stand with the Republicans to block health reform with a public option. Yup, Joe Lieberman. The guy whom we elected despite the fact that he was trounced in a Democratic primary. The guy who was allowed to keep his committee chairmanships because he promised to vote with the Democrats on procedural motions -- and last time I looked, cloture was procedural. The guy who used to be a Democrat. The guy who supported John McCain for President and still believes we belong in Iraq, and said so in a speech to the RNC.

How the heck did liberal, justice-loving, rights-loving, humanity-loving Connecticut end up with this !@#@!$% as our Senator?

Connecticut is resoundingly in favor of universal healthcare. Indeed, we passed the Sustinet plan which, when implemented in two years, will provide health care for everyone in Connecticut. It passed the General Assembly. The Governor vetoed it. And then the General Assembly overrode her veto. The citizens of Connecticut have spoken.

Joe Lieberman has been around Connecticut politics for a long time. When he beat Ned Lamont, it seems to have emboldened him. So he endorsed John McCain despite the fact that Connecticut voters were strong supporters of Barack Obama. He has maintained his hawkish positions despite the fact that the Democrats voted him out of the party for it. Joe Lieberman seems to think he's invincible.

Let me say this loud and clear. If Joe Lieberman stands in the way of health reform with a public option, as he seems determined to do, I will make it my life's mission to ensure that he cannot be elected to any office ever again in the State of Connecticut. After all, if our Senator really betrays us with such colossal disregard for the views of his constituents, we here in Connecticut will owe all of America a big apology for re-electing him despite knowing that he didn't care about our views on Iraq.

Indeed, maybe we need a constitutional amendment that allows us to recall a Senator who cares so little for what his constituents believe. Jennifer

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  1. Somewhere deep down is that guy who took the Freedom Rides in the 60s because it was the right thing to do. Let's hope that he finds that guy before the end of the health care debate.