Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I said my piece!

In today's San Diego Union-Tribune:

Sotomayor's health is not a barrier

Re: “. . . But her health should be considered” (Letters, July 12):

I am appalled at the letter you published written by a person claiming to be a doctor who thinks Judge Sotomayor is disqualified to serve on the Supreme Court due to her health. John Bridgeman states that a person with diabetes cannot be relied upon to engage in “calm judicial deliberation” because of the side-effects of her disease.

Most chronic illnesses, including type 1 diabetes, can be managed through diligent medical and lifestyle management. Sotomayor's doctor has found that she cares very well for her disease and, thus, she is perfectly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. Bridgeman's opinion assumes just the sort of bias that we can count on Justice Sotomayor to protect against.

The chronically ill face this sort of discrimination every day. To see it coming from a doctor makes it more reprehensible. Perhaps Bridgeman is a veterinarian? If so, I would not want to take my cat to him.

JENNIFER C. JAFF, Executive Director, Advocacy for Patients with Chronic Illness Inc., Farmington, Conn.

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